Trauma Informed Responses to Human Trafficking

Presented by: Brenda Quenneville, MSW, RSW, Social Worker and Gina Snooks, PhD candidate in Women’s Studies and Feminist Research, Western University

Description: The Northeastern Ontario Research Alliance on Human Trafficking (NORAHT) contends that intersectional trauma-informed approaches are key to understanding and addressing the complexities of human trafficking. Human trafficking is at once an intrapersonal, interpersonal and structure phenomenon. Thus, we argue that service provision designed to support persons who have been trafficked must be rooted in diverse trauma-theories and human rights approaches that are strengths-based, culturally appropriate and support persons’ agency and self-determination while also  drawing attention to the multifaceted ways in which histories of structural violence and cultural, social and political dimensions inform experiences of human trafficking on personal, organizational and system levels. In this webinar, we provide a theoretical overview as well as examples for the practical application of intersectional trauma-informed practices and we invite audiences to critically reflect upon ways in which these practices can e utilized in your own work on human trafficking and sexual exploitation.