Medicine Wheel Activities, Ceremonies, and Plans of Care

Miigwetch to the Native Horizons Treatment Centre for providing these resources, which were shared at the Parry Sound community engagement session.

Below are documents that map out examples of some of the natural cycle (medicine wheel).  It can be used as a template for communities to fill in with their own seasonal activities.  Community social/health/education services an integrate into programs and plans of care accordingly, thus connecting people with the natural cycles for their wellness and ways of being.

The holistic plans-of-care occur whereby a Community Member/Client (CM) is invited to sit with a circle of involved care providers to share from their assessments to develop goals/steps.  It is a model with 2 circles of care:  1 =  various service providers can meet with the Community Member and their advocate/case manager to review the clients needs/strengths and Resiliencies/set goals/create steps = action plan to achieve goals.  The 2nd circle is for personal care team or support = educate and map out how various relatives/friends can support the CM with their recovery.

The models and worksheets included in this package are from a culmination of resources and knowledge shared by Dr. Jim Cullen, Anishnawbe Health Toronto, nnapf – Thunderbird Partnership Foundation, Tim Ominika of Wikwemikong, Seeking Safety/L.M. Najavits. The package was prepared to provide community workers with a template that can assist with mapping out and utilizing the richness of resources gained from various trainings and materials. Note that the models and worksheets are generic, providing format for workers to interpret information from their existing or preferential screening and assessment tools. Please adapt this information for your purposes.

  1. Wellness Planning Model (2 pages)
  2. Circles of Care Model
  3. Needs Issues Worksheet
  4. Strengths, Resiliency and Positives Worksheet
  5. Action Sheet
  6. Wellness Plan Calendar
  7. Continuum of Care